Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Finished Leaflet

I've been back from Sock Summit for a while now, but haven't gotten myself together enough to blog.

First of all, I was able to finish my Kira sweater - with enough time left over to wet-block it before I left for Portland. It was a hit in the booth. (I'll have photos soon).

And because I had a day to spare... what else to do but finish my Leaflet? That one wasn't dry before I left and I didn't get photos until today. It's super cute and was such a fast knit.


I think I added a couple extra rows of ribbing everywhere, but made no other real modifications to the pattern. Knit in the new Berroco Voyage on US #10 needles. I mostly liked knitting with the Voyage - it's a very springy tube of alpaca and polyester. I'm not sure if there was extra spinning oil or dye in the yarn, but I could feel some kind of residue when I knit it. It took three washes for the water to rinse clear when I blocked it - and it's soft and lovely now.


It's still a little warm out to wear this sweater, but I'm glad to have a little brown cardigan for fall.

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