Monday, August 07, 2006


Here's a better photo of some new Jaywalkers relaxing.

And Jaywalkers standing up.

Hooray for another pair of socks! I enjoyed knitting these, although the second one languished for a while until I got my act together this weekend and stormed through to the finish.

On to the stats:
Yarn: Reynolds "Swizzle" which, in my humble opinion, is perfect for these.
Needles: #1 dpns
Pattern: Jaywalker, by Grumperina
Modifications: I made the larger version, because I have wide feet, and I'd heard that these were a little snug to get on. They fit perfect -- a little snug during the on-off process, but perfect while they're on. I also added picots to the top, which was probably a mistake, because it took really long to make them, and they roll. Maybe a wash and a block will help a little.

So what's next?

Oh yes... this guy...

He's going to become a felted Fiber Trends hedgehog, if I don't run out of fuzzy crap. Because I certainly don't want to buy more of it.

I now have even more sock yarn, courtesy of the man in my life, who, when he takes the recycling out, decides it's a good time to visit the yarn store. So I have a lovely colorway of Claudia's Handpaint that's joined the queue.

I'm still chugging along on ignoring the lace wrap; I have to finish a couch cushion (second half of a matched set) that I started over a year ago; another Baby Surprise sweater; my cabled sweater; oh yeah, and the giant red afghan that won't die. And those are just projects on the needles! Whoops!

I could probably go work on one of those, or, you know, I could start another pair of socks. Anything to keep me from having to clean the house....

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Taylour said...

i know its january and this post was ages ago but i bought that very same yarn (swizzle) yesterday and thought "jaywalkers". i'm glad to see that the yarn looks good in this pattern!