Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I don't have fine hair...

... I just have a desirable low micron count!

Har, har.

This thing, believe it or not, is the ribbing for the back of my sweater (okay, so I have some rows left to knit, but that's the entire width). It is very sproingy, but knitting worsted weight on #2 needles isn't what I'd call fun for my wrists.

If I had thought a little bit more before starting this pattern, I probably wouldn't have done the ribbing on #2s -- the original pattern called for a mohair, the core of which was probably pretty fine, and wouldn't have been so stiff on the small needles. But I'm not ripping out 2 sleeves, and since I want the body to match, #2s it is.

Here is Buck with the knitting, because he helps me show off all small things.

I've decided I really like bloglines. Maybe this makes me a loser for not discovering how convenient it was before, but oh well. I like using it because I no longer have to check for new content manually, which saves me time wandering around on the internets like an idiot.

And, of course, just like everybody else out there, it stokes my ego to see that I've got a whole 10 subscribers on my blog. I added a button to the sidebar. Thanks, random folks who subscribe! It makes me feel cool.


Madam said...

Woo! Glad to be here!

One question: how do you see where it lists the number of subscribers? Does it say who the subscribers are?

Sarah R said...

Can't wait to see the sweater - the sleeves look good! Hey, could you send me an email on how you got that bloglines button? I haven't figured out how to link buttons on my sidebar yet. Thanks!