Monday, August 14, 2006

Long Weekend

I had the wonderful opportunity to take a long weekend this weekend and have my mom come visit. I haven't really spent time with her for about a year, so it was a treat!

Friday we visited Longwood Gardens, which is wonderful because she works in nursery (and I used to) so we really love plants. Seeing as PA is easily a zone warmer than Chicago, different things thrive here. Mom was continually amazed by the plants and the sheer immensity of Longwood's property. Among other things, we got to see the famous water staircase, the lily pond, and the topiaries.

In the conservatory we looked at some crazy Old Man Cacti, who are covered in this fuzzy white fiber.

Saturday we visited the yarn store and campus. I bought a teacup while we were wandering around in the antiques mall. Now I can drink tea properly.

Sunday we both had haircuts (I've only had one professional haircut, ever, and I'm trying to keep it that way) and went to the local Farmer's Market and got heirloom tomatoes in every color they had and made a delicious salad. We knitted, and made brownies, and I changed the oil in my scooter without much trouble or even really getting dirty.

Today we went to Hagley to see all the things I do and the ordinary museum part. And then, all too soon, Mom had to leave.

Mom was designing her next sweater as she was in the process of knitting it, which was awesome. I didn't want to bug her and take random photos for the blog, so no sweater photo.

And I had to get some knitting in, too. I got my Embossed Leaves sock down to the middle of the heel flap (which I'm lengthening to make up for my wide, high-arched feet).

I've also knit my hedgehog until his back is about half done, and I've run out of the pink Fun Fur. Not that I'd normally do this... but I'm looking for more pink Fun Fur! Yikes! Otherwise my hedgehog will have an unsightly bald spot on his butt.

Hope you had a good weekend, too!


Dove Knits said...

What a pretty teacup! We got several teacups as wedding gifts (I'll post pics some day, they're lovely), but we only ever use mugs. I like the heft of a mug and only drink out of them, but I love teacups.

I'm glad you had a good time with your mom!

Your sock and hedgehog look great. Can't wait to see them all done.

Sarah R said...

I really love that teacup too! What antiques mall did you go to? Thanks for the yarn store tips in New Mexico - I visited one in Santa Fe, but alas came away with nothing since paying $3.25 for gas sucked away all my yarn money.