Sunday, January 06, 2008

Happy New Year?

After a very nice Christmas with my family and a low-key New Year's at home, this week has come as a bit of a shock. I was laid off from my job but I am confident that I will find something else, and soon.

In the meantime, I have caught an industrial-strength cold bug and am filling my new free time with a little knitting and scheming. In the spirit of catching up and starting new things, I have lots to show you!

Kaffe Fassett Socks for me

I finished the Kaffe Fassett Regia socks a while back. Admittedly the knitting was a bit boring, 3x1 ribbing all the way down, but I love the stripes and the ribbing means they fit my wide, high-arched feet perfectly. No more toe-up socks, I just can't get the heels positioned properly.

I also knit a similar pair as a gift this Christmas, and it seems they were well received. Hooray stripey socks!

There hasn't been much else in the way of socks lately, but lots of other knitting.

Logan River Wrap

This is about one ball into the Logan River Wrap, which I'm enjoying but I'm not sure I'll have enough yarn. Maybe it will just be a short wrap. It's very easy and very pretty!

I also finally found a use for some Spunky Eclectic yarn I had laying around that I figure is too thin for socks.

VLT Scarf

This is the scarf with open and solid diamond borders (or some other very long name) Victorian Lace Today. Again, nice, easy (I love garter stitch lace!) and no horrific pooling. I'll finish this one, for sure.

But the one thing that has been consuming me since Christmas has been making a nice cozy bed jacket. Maybe that's terribly old fashioned, but then again, maybe so am I. There's a wonderful pattern in the book Romantic Style, by Jennie Atkinson. I'm using Jaeger Roma, which is a nylon-rayon-angora blend that might actually be a little too bouncy for the lace edgings that are going onto this thing, but that's okay.

Here it was yesterday:
Romantic Style bedjacket

And here it is today:
Bed Jacket

Can you tell I've been busy? I just can't stop knitting with this yarn, it's so soft and squishy.

The bed jacket has some very strange construction. It's knit in one piece from the bottom of the back to the armholes, and then the sleeves are knit straight out from the body by casting on over a series of rows. Then a collar and finally a lace edging are added. I'm not sure this is the best way to make sleeves, as it makes a seam at the top and bottom of the entire length of the sleeve, but it does continue the pattern.

I've also been thinking about a quilt, but that's for another day. What's new in the new year for you?


Sarah R said...

Sorry about your job - that sucks. I'm sure you'll find something soon though with all of that fancy education of yours! I've been overtaken with knitting lately as well - 'tis the season, I guess!

Sara Z said...

Sorry about the job, but hey more time for knitting right? :) Good luck!