Thursday, January 24, 2008

Spring Cleaning

No major changes here in blogland today, but if you're actually reading this on the blog itself and not on an RSS reader, you may notice a few tweaks to the sidebar.

I decided it was time to start a new list of FO's for the new year, so that's there.

I found a new knitalong for this year, 2klace. The idea is simple; for 2008, more than half your projects have to be lace or have a lace component or edging. Seeing as all but one project on the needles at this point is lace, I figured this would be a good thing. The ravelry group is here, and the full guidelines are here.

Finally, I found a great group blog to watch called Destash!. If you have stash to sell, join up and add it! Or just watch to see if anything good comes up.

In other news, the Interweave Knits Spring Preview is up! was up this morning and appears to have been taken down again. The link was and used to work and probably will work again soon. There were lots of cardigans, lots of feminine but not too foofy stuff, most of it actually wearable (unlike some things we've seen recently in, ahem, other knitting magazines). One pair of socks, two shawls. I'm looking forward, as always, to receiving my issue.

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Ria said...

Welcome to 2klace! :D Honestly, when I started the challenge, I had no idea it would catch on as well as it has! I'm meeting all sorts of new people and seeing all kinds of new projects thanks to this!