Monday, January 14, 2008

Something for nothing

One benefit of having a fairly substantial stash is that even though I may not have any income, I can still knit guilt-free. Even if all I did was knit, I think it would be quite a while before I really ran out of yarn (not that the stash is that big, only three plastic tubs). Anyway, this is what I did to keep my hands busy while watching lots of football this weekend:

Koigu sock

Just your ordinary sock, but the colors of Koigu really make it wonderful.

On our trip to Trader Joe's yesterday I spied some sad potted trees resting with someone's trash and decided I would baby them on the patio for a while to see if they would grow for me.


I don't know what they are. Unfortunately last night it was dark when I got the trees. I could tell they'd either been underwatered or suffered from frost damage, but what I didn't see was that they were infested with scale. Not heavily, but I'm going to have to decide how to treat them or whether to simply trash them... I guess you get what you pay for. What I end up doing will probably depend on what they turn out to be. I was hoping they were camellias but I am coming to doubt that. Just have to wait and see!

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Amanda Thomsen said...

can you take a close up of those leaves?
-Inspector McPlanty