Friday, January 11, 2008


For Christmas, I got the lovely other member of my household a gift of a mini multi-bundt pan. We really like cupcakes, but these... these cakelets are beyond compare.


They are just like fabulous mini cakes, and thankfully they come out of the pan perfectly, because I think there would be no digging them out without scratching the non-stick finish.

I made chocolate cake from scratch (we need a new recipe, by the way) and it made 12 of these little guys and two extra little cupcakes. After they cooled, we glazed them and stuck a chocolate chip in each one.


Just as simple as cupcakes and twice as much fun!


Dove Knits said...

Why haven't you invited me over? Huh??? These look too tasty not to share with me ;)

Sarah R said...

Glaze? Do I see GLAZE? Holy crap, call the ambulance, I'm dying of jealousy.

Brenda said...

Umm...yep, they look delicious. And they also look like part of female anatomy. Hmm...maybe that's another reason why your roommate loved them so much?!