Friday, June 05, 2009

My new favorite sweater

February Lady Sweater

The February Lady Sweater sat for weeks in my knitting basket, pathetic and sleeveless, as I struggled to finish sample knitting work (you know, the kind with deadlines that come all too soon). And then one day I decided I'd had enough. No more waiting. How long could a couple of sleeves - shortish ones in worsted weight and lace, at that - really take? And just like that, it was done.

February Lady Sweater

(Talk about struggling. Next time I'm recruiting some help for the photos.)


Sarah G said...

Looks great! I guess this is a hugely popular sweater because it really looks great in so many different yarns and colors - love the purple. Also, your hair looks fabulous short!

Kim S. said...

Well Sarah beat me to it, but I was also going to say how much I love your short hair -- very cute! And of course the cardi looks wonderful too.

As for needing help with taking photos of yourself, try using the timer on your camera. And maybe a tripod if needed. May take a few tries to get it right, but it can work out in a pinch.

MorningSprite said...

I love the buttons! :) I really ought to pick up my FLS again too....Maybe when Whisper is done.


Amandiiine said...

Yes I have one and I love it ! I used to wear it as soon as I can :-)