Thursday, August 23, 2012


I have been affected. Afflicted. Infected.

Whatever you want to call it, I've now officially joined the 5,000+ people who've knit Color Affection. I think half my knitting group has made one, for starters.

Color Affection
Into the three-color section!
I thought, "ugh, all that garter stitch." I thought, "ugh, all those long rows." I thought, "haven't I been doing enough boring knitting already?"

And then I spent Sunday at Stitches Midwest wearing one and it was snuggly and pretty and had curly little tails and - well, ok, let's be honest, I had already set aside three skeins of yarn just in case. So without a major deadline currently over my head, I am cranking away at endless garter stitch. [Details on yarn are on my Ravelry page here.]

The brown and linen-grey aren't that exciting, but I love the pink added in at the end. And instead of transitioning directly from the three-stripe section to the final color, I am considering working some stripes in taupe and pink only before the pink border. We'll see. There's lots of yarn to knit up yet.

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