Friday, April 21, 2006


Judging by the amount of yarn I've used, this is approximately 40% of a Picovoli.

Picovoli Progress

I'm not so sure about the Shine Sport that I'm using. When I knit with this stuff, I suddenly end up covered in 238905749687 balls of hot pink fluff. I'm not sure if that's the cotton or the Modal that is escaping to attack me, but I hope this behavior doesn't continue when I actually wear the thing.

This is one of these patterns where I wish I could see a diagram of the sweater laid out flat. I know this is what it's supposed to look like, but I'd like some reassurance anyhow.

I added some eyelets around the neck and sleeves. I'm still trying to decide whether I should add eyelets and the picot trim around the hem.

And another surprise this morning:

New Leaf

At a smidge bigger than lifesize, another teeny tiny new leaf on my Christmas cactus. Aww. (Sadly, I don't think they put plants on Cute Overload.)

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Dove Knits said...

Plants are totally cute. I have some baby jades that are darling.