Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Dyeing


Nothing could be finer than dyeing bunches of Easter eggs with a friend, right?

But there's all this dye left over.


Whatever shall we do?

Funny, I have some white yarn hanging around.

It needs to be wound into skeins, though.

wrapping skeins

I'll bet you know what comes next.



s dyeing


Easter egg dyes require quite a bit of vinegar. So we got out the syringe, squirted away, wrapped these puppies up and gave them a ride in the microwave.

green dyed

The colors kind of bled into each other, but that's okay. When we washed them, the dyes didn't bleed into the water, so hopefully they're pretty fast.

Here they are, drying.


And all wrapped up and ready to go!

easter egg yarn

Happy pastel spring yarn, brought to you by a recycled sweater, leftover Easter egg dyes, and the space of an afternoon. The green skein is mine, the pink and orange one a friend's. Now, what to do with 100 yards of handpaint aran weight?


Sara said...

so pretty!

Dove Knits said...

Eee, I love that yarn. I might just have to do the same with my leftover egg dye (our Easter is not till next week, so we haven't dyed eggs yet).

Carrie said...

Very cool...I did the same thing!!!