Sunday, April 23, 2006

Getting there

I knit another ball on the Picovoli yesterday, so this is closer to 60% of it.

Picovoli 60%

I've started the waist shaping, using the only counting system my lazy brain can handle. I make a check box on a piece of paper for each of the rows, labeling which ones are plain and which ones I have to decrease on. Saves me the trouble of actually counting, and it gives me a visual indication of my progress.

Oh, and the waist decreases aren't as severe as they seem -- the sweater is folded under at the corners in the photo to try and get the circular needle to lay flat.

Today is supposed to be dominated by things other than knitting, so I suppose I should get working on those other things.

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Melissa said...

It looks very good. I love the color.