Friday, January 23, 2009


I was going to write you a blog post earlier... but I went to Ikea instead. Assembling all that flat-packed furniture eats up crazy amounts of time, even though I love it, love it, love it.

But in the meantime, between wielding my screwdriver and knitting up samples, I've been cooking up another pair of socks.

[Broadripple, by Rob Matyska, from knitty a long time ago]

I'm trying to work through my seemingly never-ending stash of sock yarns, trying to get through some of the oldest ones first. I'm fairly certain this is Opal, in "Flamingo" - with all the socks I've knit I've never used Opal before! I'm enjoying it, it seems like it will wear well, even though the color is, um, a little intense.

[Now with second sock!]

I've modified these a little to work with a thinner yarn - just added a few stitches into each repeat and went down to #2 needles. They're not quite as interesting as the Spring Forward socks, so they aren't getting as much attention. But I want to finish them soon - so I can start something else!

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