Monday, January 26, 2009

Free Pattern: King Street Beret

I knit up this cute floppy hat in the fall and it's been my winter go-to ever since. It's fast, easy, and keeps your ears warm. What's not to like?


While the world maybe doesn't need more patterns for hats like this, I made my own. And now I'm sharing it with you.


King Street Beret

Finished Size: to fit a woman; adjustable
Yarn: Bulky-weight wool or blend, 140 yards. I used Pingouin Guernesey, which I doubt is still available. Any bulky-weight yarn that knits to the appropriate gauge will work - pick something wooly and marled if you want to duplicate the look.
Needles: US #9 16" circular and set of US #9 DPs, or whatever size you need to get gauge. I only used dps, but there are a lot of stitches and they may fall off and drive you crazy!
Gauge: 18st/4" over double moss stitch pattern.
Notions: tapestry needle, 3 yds thread-covered elastic in color to match your yarn.

Double moss stitch (worked in the round):
Round 1: *K2, P2; rep from *
Round 2: as Round 1
Round 3: *P2, K2; rep from *
Round 4: as Round 3
These 4 rounds make up the pattern.

Cast on 76 stitches. Join to work in the round, being careful not to twist. Mark beginning of the round if you need to.
Work in K1, P1 ribbing for 1".
Next round: Switch to double moss stitch, and AT THE SAME TIME increase 36 stitches in pattern evenly around: 112 stitches total.
Continue to work in pattern until piece measures 5" from cast on edge.

Round 1: *work 12, k2tog, rep from * (replace k2tog with p2tog if that fits better with the double moss stitch; use your judgement)
Round 2: work even in pattern as best you can (the marl will help hide pattern irregularities due to decreasing).
Round 3: *work 11, k2tog, rep from *
Round 4: as Round 2.
Continue to decrease every other round until 30 sts remain, keeping double moss stitch pattern and switching to DPs as necessary.
When 30 sts remain, decrease every round until 4 sts remain.
On these 4 sts, work 3" of i-cord.
Bind off.

Weave in all ends.
Tie i-cord in an overhand knot.
With needle, thread elastic through ribbing on the WS, catching elastic under knit sts. Adjust length of elastic as desired and knot ends.
(And if you make one, let me know!)


Sarah G said...

Cute! I've only made one floppy hat so far, but I'm really digging it and want to make more. Plus that seems to be the really IN style this year. Perhaps I will get some yarn for this when I'm back in yarn-store land. Love the name!

Sara B. said... that you're back, write something new and/or teach me how to knit. NOW! Then I'll start my own blog and blog about it :P