Monday, January 05, 2009

Another month, another pair of socks

I feel like the only thing I really ended up finishing in 2008 (for myself, anyway) was socks. Lots and lots of socks. I now have over 20 pair in my little display box [scroll down], and now that I live someplace cold enough for them, they're actually getting some wear. It doesn't hurt that the socks also serve as a raffle ticket and I have yarn for another 15 pair or so before I have to buy more!

Here are the latest:

Brown Seaweed Socks

I call these my Brown Seaweed Socks... and here's the stats:
Pattern: Seaweed Socks [PDF] by Wendy Johnson of WendyKnits
Yarn: KPPPM, color 613 (I like to think of it as 'butter pecan')
Needles: #1 dps
Notes: This is one of the only toe-up sock patterns I've liked. I'm fortunate that Wendy and I have feet exactly the same size, so what works for her seems to work for me. I had to learn a new cast-on, and a new heel construction, which was kind of a treat. Unfortunately the pattern works better on 2 circular needles, which I'm not hip to, so I struggled along on dps anyway.
Ravelry page here.

Here they are again, blending into the floor.

Brown Seaweed Socks

The other plus about these is that they look cabled, but they aren't, and don't have the bulk of cables. And they fit perfectly!

Do I have another pair of socks going? You bet. Hopefully soon I can break out of the sock rut and into some sweaters.


Lynn Bethke said...

Ooohhh.. very nice! Into the queue they go!

Sarah G said...

Hehe, you're in a sock rut and want to be out of it, and I am out of it and want to be in! I've already downloaded that pattern, just need to find the yarn. We recently had to pack up a bunch of stuff to get the house ready to show, but I made sure to relocate my yarn into an accessible location. I got my priorities straight.