Sunday, February 19, 2006

Corrugated ribbing

I wish I had made the discovery I made tonight about three mittens ago.

My mittens have corrugated ribbing, with the knits in one color and purls in another. My pattern says to keep the main color in my dominant hand -- this means I knit with my right and purl with my left. Now I'm a English knitter, and while I can knit with my left hand, it hasn't been doing it as long and purling with my left is pretty awkward.

I did learn the Norwegian purl and I reveled in its elegant intricacies, but it remained awkward.

As I cast on for my second mitten tonight, I looked down, unhappily contemplating the tension that doing all that ribbing would cause and the fear of snapping my delicate 0's....

And switched hands.

Screw whatever the pattern says, it's way easier to purl with my more experienced right hand and knit with my left. Now corrugated ribbing is a pleasure!

(This probably would only work for English knitters -- and it depends on making sure you move the yarn you purl with back.)

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Tim said...

ha ha ha, I love it! You're such a knitting geek and it's awesome! :-D