Friday, February 24, 2006

You know you're starting to lose it when...

your mittens talk to you.

Happily, these are happy mittens!

day 14

Mitten #1 says, "Hooray, all my ends are woven in!"
Mitten #2 says, "Yes! My top is finished, although I'm a little sad that I don't have a thumb yet. And let's not talk about those ends, shall we?"

It's day 15 -- I just realized that this whole business extends onto 17 days, although it's 16 23-hour days -- I was a bit scared I'd been miscounting somehow -- and I think finishing will be just easy as can be! (Let's not talk about that schoolwork, okay?)

Cheer the Yarn Harlot, creator of the Knitting Olympics, on as she tries to come back from being way, way behind. Can she finish by Sunday afternoon?

Today's post has been brought to you by the letters K, P, and M, the number 2, and the color green.


That is, the inspiration for finishing on time and soon to be my next project -- delicious spring-green Koigu PPPM from the teeny-tiny Purl.

And finally, maybe it's time to think about the other kinds of influence blogs are having on the yarn market. If you have a minute, read Natalie's cost-benefit analysis of a new sock yarn club. By joining, how many people will write about the company's project on the internet, bringing them what is essentially free advertising? Is that appropriate? (Of course, keep in mind that this is applicable in many, many other cases.)

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