Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I don't know a damn thing about decoupage....

But as you probably know by now, that won't stop me from coating everything in glue.

So I determined, after fighting mercilessly with my kitchen drawer (which is, I might add, conveniently lacking a drawer pull) that the thing was hopelessly overfull and I needed to put some of my kitchen utensils in a more convenient place. I couldn't get the drawer open, both because of the lack of handle and because it was so full it jammed. On with the clever idea to put the utensils in a container on the countertop. Nothing new.

I looked in the resale shops and didn't find anything I really liked.

So I decided to stick my utensils in the oats box once I was finished with the contents.

By the way, how do you call the oats box? Is it really a box? It's not square; boxes are square... but you can't say oats tube, can you? And 'container' is just too mushy of a word. Damn English.

After making cookies the other day, the oats box was empty. I do not have a photo of an empty oats box. You'll have to imagine it yourself.

After deciding it to cover it in crap, we went to the crafts store and bought decoupage glue. And I cut out little bits and pieces of things; yarn labels, little pictures of sheep, flowers, you get the idea.

And stuck them all over the oats box. Here are three views of the oats box.

Decoupage utensil holder - three views Decoupage utensil holder - three views Decoupage utensil holder - three views

And here is the oats box in action, now ennobled to hold my lovely utensils.

Utensil Holder in use

What I learned: Cut out about twice as much crap as you think you'll need to cover something with. With overlap, rejects, and compensation for non-square items, you'll be forced to scrounge for more bits and pieces. I ended up grabbing an old yarn catalog for all the little socks and balls of yarn on there.

I enjoy the bizarre mix of scales in decoupage. I don't think this is a very good example of it, but it was a good way to waste an afternoon. And no matter what, it's better -- or at least more interesting -- than the plain oats box.

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